Boiling Water Tap Guide

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Our selection of Instant boiling water taps has made waiting for the kettle to boil a thing of the past. Check out this helpful guide first if you’re thinking about getting one for your kitchen.

Instant boiling water kitchen taps are a practical choice for contemporary kitchens and are available in a selection of designs to suit different demands.

In this helpful guide we’re going to cover the following topics:

  • What is an instant boiling water tap?
  • How does an instant boiling water tap work?
  • Benefits of instant boiling water taps.
  • 3 In 1 Boiling Water Taps
  • Things to consider before you buy.

What is an instant boiling water tap?

There is really no mystery here because it’s name is very self explanatory, this tap delivers instant boiling water anytime you need it, making it ideal for hot liquids like tea and coffee, cooking, and rinsing. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are made to blend in smoothly with your kitchen’s decor. However, they mainly resemble ordinary kitchen taps and have a chrome finish.

How does an instant boiling water tap work?

A boiling water tap differs from a standard tap in that it is linked to a boiler tank, which is typically located just beneath the tap in your kitchen sink unit. The boiler tank will need to be wired into an electrical outlet and piped into the water supply.

The water, which is kept at a temperature close to boiling, rushes out in every instance when the instant boiling water option is chosen. The process then starts over as new cold water is fed into the tank to replace the old water.

Benefits of instant boiling water taps.


Boiling water is provided immediately, saving you the time it would take to wait for your kettle to boil, which might take up to 4 minutes.


Every time you boil a kettle, it costs you 3-5p on average, and you typically overfill it to have enough water for your requirements. You just use what you need with an instant boiling water tap, increasing energy efficiency.

Safe to use

All of the instant boiling water taps we provide have a safety mechanism that prevents you from turning on the flow like you would with a regular tap. This feature is essential if you have young children. For added safety against unintentional scalding, the majority have insulated spouts. In order to avoid splashes, the boiling water also exits at a lesser pressure. Overall, using it is safer than using a kettle because of this.


The majority of boiling water taps also have a filter to assist clean the water and enhance flavour. This is perfect for individuals who want to stop using plastic bottles by not buying mineral water.

3 In 1 Boiling Water Taps.

This style of tap, which is a highly popular option, provides fast boiling water in addition to the standard hot and cold flows. It functions like a regular mixer tap and delivers boiling water when the safety handle is turned. This is a wonderful alternative for installing a new kitchen sink or for replacing a mixer tap.

Things to consider before you buy.

  • Will you use it frequently?
    A boiling water tap is most likely not the best option for you if your response to this question is “never.” However, it is immensely practical if you do enjoy a hot beverage or two as part of your daily routine.
  • Size of boiler tank
    Most of the tank sizes (just over 2 litres) will be more than enough for your needs unless you’re making coffee for a small army. Before making a purchase, be sure you have enough space under your sink for it.
  • Water temperature
    While you should typically be able to adjust this temperature if you’d like, instant boiling water taps typically supply water at a temperature of roughly 96°C.

Shop instant boiling water taps

If, after reading this boiling water tap guide, you’ve decided that an instant boiling water tap is something you’d like for your kitchen, why not browse our range at our trade counter or click here.

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